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Q: Will you make me a gun?

A: No. Don’t be a dipshit.


Q: Is what your doing legal?
A:Yes. 99% of what im building are not regulated parts. For the few that are regulated, assuming an individual is:

  1. Not a prohibited person.

  2. Manufacturing firearms for personal use and not sale or distribution.

  3. Not located in a state or political subdivision that has restricted the rights of individuals.

It is 100% legal to manufacture your own firearm.


Q: How much do the printers you are using cost?

A: Mine retail for about $200 on Amazon


Q: Are 3D printed guns safe?

A: That depends largely how you define safe. Is driving your car safe? As a concept “safe” is overrated.

Generally speaking no, printed guns are not safe. Consider them wonderfully unsafe. Before you shoot one understand everything about your printer, your materials and all the possible outcomes of the scenario. Understand that you take these risks under your own volition and are solely responsible for any unfortunate outcomes.

TLDR: Do your homework. Understand the physics. Be responsible for your own decisions.